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Web Services E-commerce and Branding

In today's society having a web presence has become a must. The average household as at least one computer or cellular device to connect to the internet. Most people get their information from the web. For just about any business that plans to succeed needs a web presence. Get started TODAY! Make that move towards success!

Network Administration and Data Services

With the requirements of electronic records keeping and the need to sort a massive amount of information( Content Management Systems ) Proficient Marketing provides database services and content management systems for clients that either need to move from paper to computers or a complete office and computer network.

Installations, Set Up, Training, and Maintenance.

New start ups and companies transitioning over to electronic records systems have peace of mind of having the option of staying with proficient Marketing to maintain all systems and networks to ensure that the quality of services remains the same. PROFICIENT!
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Informercial Videos

group-laptopInfomercials are a very useful tool when it comes to getting viewers engaged into what the author has to offer. For example. A restaurant owner would have an infomercial to show his entire business to give viewers a visual feel for the establishment and can make a clear decision of what they want by seeing the actual place and products. The number one complaint people surveyed claimed is that the place was nothing like they thought. Infomercials give businesses the opportunity to give potential visitors a real feel of the place before visiting therefore removing the question of, "What kind of place is it?". A picture is worth a thousand words but a video tells the story....

Video Commercials

interviewIn a video based world it would seem that with all the mobile applications available today everyone in business would need a commercial. Video commercials can vary in length. Most commercials are anywhere from (15) fifteen to (60) sixty seconds long and usually highlights the key selling point for the ad. For example, a car dealer may highlight the price and a car leasing agent may highlight comfort and luxary. Video commercials are perfect for an intro to a company's website, brand, or event. Everyone wins with a video comercial.

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